T-Shirts – The New Art Canvas

Nothing can be more gratifying than designing your own T-shirt. Why? because once the design is done you can put your newly created craft on display for all to see and admire. T-shirt art or as I like to call it, wearable art is a great conversation piece and a way to celebrate the times of your life one shirt at a time.Choosing The Art
To start consider what you would like to display on your shirt. Are you an artists, crafts-person or like to dabble and doodle. Just take a digital picture of your work, upload it to your computer and edit. Your work is now ready to print on a transfer.Art Alternatives
If you’re like me you may choose to go online to find some inspiration. Two ways to do this is by Googling t-shirt art and getting hundreds of great ideas that way. Another way to get inspiration is frequenting sites that specialize in t-shirt clipart for download.What You Say?
T-shirts can say a lot about you. How you feel about family, the earth, food, economics, social issues, and friends. When considering the kind of t-shirt art that best expresses who you are consider where you’ll be when wearing your art. While the art, slogan and text can compliment or enhance the event you attend it can also detract from it. Always choose art, slogans and text that’s in good taste.Transfer Paper
Once you’ve found the art you want to transfer to your shirt your next task is to find good transfer paper. If you are transferring art onto a white shirt all that is needed is a transparent transfer sheet. If your transferring onto a colored shirt use colored shirt transfer sheets only.Transferring Your Art
Follow the instructions on the transfer package for perfect results. It is best to practice transferring art on material or an old shirt before actually transferring it on your shirt. It also won’t hurt to experiment with two or three shirts in case the first transfer fails. After some practice you’ll being transferring art to shirts with greatest of ease.Print On Demand Option
While you can find clipart anywhere, much of it is not high resolution art and so may not work well for t-shirt transfer work. Consider using your own digital photos or use art from the professionals. That said, make it a point to download art from sites that specialize in t-shirt art like Zazzle or Cafepress.

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